How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Is bad breath bringing you down? Even though there could be a variety of reasons for this problem, we wanted to share a few tips on how you can get rid of breath:

  • Brush your tongue

Your tongue harbors a lot of germs! You don’t want to skip brushing this important part of your mouth. If you have an easy gag reflex, look yourself in the eye in front of the mirror while brushing your tongue. Doing so will prevent you from going too far down your tongue, which can trigger your gag reflex.

  • Chew gum after eating.

Once you are done with your meal, grab yourself a stick of chewing gum. Not only does it get rid of food particles left in your mouth, it can also freshen your mouth. Of course, brushing your teeth is ideal, but you don’t want to do it too soon. Especially if you have had anything acidic. So, grab some chewing gum for more immediate relief.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Dry mouth is often the culprit for bad breath. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day. If it’s a chronic problem, you’ll want to come in for an appointment. We can recommend certain products that you can use at home.

If your bad breath persists, it may be the result of an underlying oral health issue. Just watch this video by the ADA:

You can’t always get rid of bad breath on your own. So, call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC. You can also online.