When Those Third Molars Have To Go

Because it’s back-to-school season, we’ve spent a lot of time this month talking about how to take care of your child’s teeth. 

You don’t want poor oral health to be one of the reasons they miss valuable classroom time, which we know adds up to nearly 2 million absences per year. 

So it’s important to keep their teeth healthy throughout their entire development, beginning with their first set of baby teeth to their last set of molars.

We’ve already talked about caring for their baby teeth, but once they reach their late teens, your child might start experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth. These molars often cause more harm than good, and you can check out today’s video to hear some reasons why.

To avoid pain and potential issues caused by their third molars, call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 to schedule an appointment in Charlotte, NC to have them removed.