Three Ways to Deal With Your Tooth Decay

Cavities happen.

Odds are you will have one (if you haven’t already) at some point in your life. The National Institutes of Health reports that more than 90 percent of people develop tooth decay.

So, you need to ask yourself what you will do about it?

1. Prevent It

Preventive care should always be your first priority. This is why you brush and floss daily. This is why you should schedule professional cleanings and exams a few times each year to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

2. Treat It Now

If you notice signs of decay or we catch in during your checkup, your best option is to take care of it right away. Remove the decay, then get a tooth filling to repair your tooth and restore your ability to eat without worry.

3. Treat It Later

As much as we wish everyone did something about cavities as soon as they start, you may not realize you have one. We also know people sometimes ignore decay in hopes that it will go away. (It won’t.)

Depending on how long you wait, you may need a dental crown or a root canal to get your tooth back in shape.

Keep up a good oral hygiene routine, so you can reduce your risk of cavities and decay. As part of that, call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 or contact us online to request an appointment in Charlotte, NC.